We are happy to inform that by decision of European Commitee BIOMASSER technology received the first in Europe Verification Statement that bears number VN20140001 in the frame of EU ETV project. Environmental Technology Verification Body was the Institute of Technology and Life Sciences Poznań Branch.

Statement of Verification is available on European Comission web site in Polish and English language.

EU ETV (European Union European Technology Verification) is the European Union program focused on showing reliable, innovative ecological solutions.  
Received Verification Statement confirms that BIOMASSER®  machines are solid and trustworthy in opinion of independent experts. The newest equipment BIOMASSER® BSX14 is a great, module product that contains the best and the most effective solutions for producing renewable fuel from local, non-wood biomass. 

We are very happy to announce that "BIOMASSER® technology - briquetting of damp agrobiomass" has been awarded with the "Teraz Polska" ("Poland Now") Emblem in XXIII edition of the Competition.

The "Teraz Polska" Emblem is one of the most recognizable brand within the domestic and international markets. It is the acknowledgement of our company's high quality briquetting technology, as well as its technological and user qualities.

We are pleased to announce that the Resolution of the Board of the Federation of Engineering Associations NOT, we received the Golden Badge of Honour. It is a high honor for the work and initiative in the implementation of the statutory objectives of the Federation. Companies SERWIS AKPiA and ASKET deserved in their efforts to spread environmental awareness among the youth and students in the framework of the project "Safe practices and the environment."

ASKET received an award from Moldovian Minister of Agricuture Mr Vasile Bumacov for the best technology for agro-residues briquetting on fair Moldagrotech 2012 (Spring).
Thank you very much!

ASKET was awarded with statuette "Technology of the Future" during IX Świętokrzyska Cooperation Exchange of New Renewable Technologies - Technology of the Future that was held at fair ENEX 2011 in Kielce Poland.

BIOMASSER MOBILE, factory on wheels for straw and hay briquetting, was awarded with "Product for medal" of AGRO SHOW 2010 in Bednary near Poznań Poland.

ASKET was awarded with GRAND PRIX prize International Agro-Industrial Fair AGRO-TECH 2010 held in Minikowo Poland.

ASKET was awarded editor-in-chief Prize of "Clean Energy" monthly in category of the best way carried out education on the stand during exhibition Pellets-Expo & Brykiet-Expo 2010 Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Briquetting press BIOMASSER was selected as "Agriculture Machine of the Year 2010" in category of Polish machines.
Competition organiser:
Institute For Building, Mechanization And Electrification In Agriculture (IBMER), Warsaw, Poland.

ASKET was awarded with Main Award of fair CENERG 2010 in Warsaw Poland.

ASKET was awarded with Visitors' AGRO-HIT prize International Trade Fair of Agricultural Mechanisation Polagra-PREMIERS 2010 held in Poznan Poland.

BIOMASSER technology received an Award of II Power Industry Fair ENERGETICS 2009 held in Lublin Poland. Thank you!

BIOMASSER technology received Prize of the President of Polish-Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the competition of "The most effective solution for energy production from biomass". The Prize was awarded on ENERGETICS 2009 Fair held in Lublin Poland. Thank you!

BIOMASSER MOBILE - factory oh wheels for straw and hay briquetting received a Special Award in competition European Standard Product of International Fair of Agriculture and Industry AGRO-TECH 2009 Minikowo Poland. Thank you!

BIOMASSER MOBILE received Award of PELLETS-EXPO & BRYKIET-EXPO 2009 Bydgoszcz Poland. Thank you!

BIOMASSER MOBILE won the 1st Prize in the competition "Innovative Product of POLISH CEREALS 2009". Thank you!

BIOMASSER MOBILE - factory on wheels for straw and hay briquetting was awarded with Golden Medal of International Renewable Energy Fair greenPOWER 2009 Poznań Poland. Many thanks!

BIOMASSER technology received an Award of the International Fair Of Agricultural Techniques AGROTECH 2009 in Kielce Poland. Thank you!

The company ASKET is the partner of the city of Poznań in the Year of Climate and Environment.

BIOMASSER - straw briquetting technology was awarded Golden Medal prize of POLEKO 2008 fair. Thank you very much.

The mill TOMASSER was awarded with the Main Award of fair PELLETS-EXPO 2008 in Bydgoszcz Poland. Thank you!

BIOMASSER technology received an Award of the Clean Energy Trade Fair CENERG 2008 in Warsaw Poland. Thank you!

BIOMASSER DUO was awarded with Golden Medal of POLEKO fair 2007 Poznan - the oldest and the most prestigious award in Poland.
Golden medal is precious distinction and important recognition for us.
Thank you very much.

ASKET was awarded with GRAND PRIX prize International Agro-Industrial Fair AGRO-TECH 2007 held in Minikowo Poland. We thank for approbation.


BIOMASSER was awarded two times with SUPER-EKO prize on POLEKO Fairs held in Poznań Poland. ASKET as the first company in history of SUPER-EKO, public prize, got it in two consecutive years: in 2004 and 2005.