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Many biomass specialists dealing with pellets and briquettes from wood biomass compare them to pellets and briquettes from non-wood biomass as equal products.

Yet, briquetting and pelleting non-wood biomass such as cereal straw, rape straw, hay, grasses, reed, miscanthus is a completely different issue and is not recognized as deeply as wood biomass.

Non-wood biomass, as a material for processing, is variable and unpredictable thus not easy for briquettes and pellets production.

We present features and characteristics of briquettes called “Golden coal” and BIOMASSER® technology that are more useful and practical with reference to other technologies:

  1. BIOMASSER® briquettes non-wood biomass of 10%-30% moisture content. Other briquetting and pelleting technologies require biomass of moisture content from 8% to 12%, so it needs to be dried.

  2. In order to dry raw material you have to build a drying-room and then run it. It means that additional energy, maintenance and spare parts are needed for the drying-room.

  3. Another important aspect - biomass chopping. BIOMASSER® technology requires particles 1cm- 5cm long. Other briquetting technologies, in particular pelleting, require particles up to 1mm! In order to get particles 1mm long you have to use two or three machines which increase significantly the investment costs, require more powerful motors hence bigger power supply point and more power ordered from the power plant.
    Drying process influence considerably on production costs of briquettes or pellets. High costs come from electrical energy costs and often exchange of shredders spare parts i.e. blades, screens.
    Drying room together with many shredders require special rooms, and there special anti-fire systems. You shall also include in your business plan taxes for these additional rooms and storage area.

  4. Other technologies require tight packing of ready briquettes or pellets. Otherwise the products will break up due to moisture from the air. Often special glues, additives are added to the pellets or briquettes to improve their durability. Briquettes produced in BIOMASSER® technology are durable and can be stored under cover without problems.

  5. In other technologies often you have to cool the briquettes or pellets at the production stage (again additional energy and time are needed) while in BIOMASSER® technology there is not such a need.

  6. Energy consumption for producing 1 tonne of briquettes in BIOMASSER® technology is relatively low:

    • briquetting consumes 70kWh
    • shredding and briquetting consume 80kWh.

    Other technologies require 2-4 time more energy.

  7. Machines composing production line BIOMASSER® are equipped with wheels that assure their easy movement. Moreover our Mobile solution enables briquettes production in the place where raw material is available i.e. in the field, barn, warehouse. Other technologies require hard flooring or even special foundation as the machines are heavy, power-consuming and stationary working condition.
  8. BIOMASSER® briquetting presses simple in their construction, not having complicated electronic devices, processors, neither pneumatic nor hydraulic devices.

The machines are composed of units and parts available worldwide, so customers from other continents are sure they have easy access to spare parts. Other technologies contain processors, computer controllers, many electronic devices, hydraulic and pneumatic units. It can cause many exploitation and maintenance problems and also expensive works of specialized service.

  1. Parts of BIOMASSER® line that normally wear out i.e. parts having direct contact with briquetted raw material, can be regenerated or exchanged by the customer, without calling technical service.
    Other technologies may require using specific spare parts exchanged by specialized technician.

  2. BIOMASSER® briquetting presses do not require regulation while exploitation. They contain modern and maintenance-free elements.

Other technologies may require specialized maintenance works, regulation and even calibration.

Briquettes produced in BIOMASSER® technology - “Golden Coal” - have inside a technological hole. The hole carries out three functions meaningful for user of renewable fuels:

  1. through this hole goes out the moisture generated while briquette forming process; thanks to that the briquette has higher caloric value (less moisture - more caloric value)

  2. second function of the hole in briquette refers to the combustion. Through the hole an additional air gets inside the briquette what assures its very good, total burning. Moreover the hearth of burner does not go out and does not require raking as it may be necessary when burning briquettes without a hole or pellets.

  3. hard and without a hole briquettes may block or even destroy automatic feeder of the burner. Briquettes “Golden Coal” having a hole inside are easy to break by the feeder and do not cause disruption of its work.

Described above features and attributes of BIOMASSER® technology and BIOMASSER® briquetting presses and TOMASSER® shredders are very innovative with reference to other technologies.

The prices of specific features and total economical effect are not given because we do not have precise information on them in other technologies. We do not agree with some information given in the press and literature which are general, sketch and do not include whole production process from necessary drying process (in many technologies), shredding (often multi-stages), aggregating, cooling and packing.

The features and attributes given above show that BIOMASSER® technology is better in many economic aspects: investment, needed area, exploitation and maintenance costs, taxes, qualifications of personnel and technical service.

List of features and attributes allows for convincing customers interested in using non-wood biomass to choose our innovative BIOMASSER® technology.

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